Welcome to the Word Game Trainer by Smart Little Games.

This brief guide will show you all the important features needed to get started.

Click the left and right arrows below to show all the next or previous item.

Click the close button at the top right of this window once you are ready to start using the app.

The Game Board

The game board is where words are placed. According to the game type you have selected it will appear in a Scrabble or Words With Friends configuration.

Drag and drop letters on to the board or click on any square and type words directly into the board. Use the cursor keys to change the direction of text entered.

Drag and drop letters from the palette on to the board and your letter rack.

When you move the mouse over any letter the number of tiles of that type remaining in the bag is shown.

Letters from the rack are used to create words in the game.

Drag and drop letters from the palette, board or the rack itself. You can also click on any tile and start typing letters into the rack.

Click 'Find Words' to show all the possible words that can be played using the letters currently in the rack and on the board.

The program will always show all possible words with the highest scoring words shown first.

Shows the results of a word search after you have clicked 'Find Words'.

Move your mouse over any word to see how its fits onto the board. Drag the scroll bar or mousewheel to view the complete list of words. Click any word to play it into the board.

Click this button to play the highest scoring word in the results list.

If the 'Autoplay' best word option is enabled there is no need to use this button.

Enter a name and click the'Save Game' button to store the game on your local computer.

You can save as many games as you wish. The most recently saved game is reloaded when you reload the page. Other games can be opened from the options area.

Game Options

The program play both Words With Friends or Scrabble Rules. Each game has slightly different scoring systems.

Enabling 'Autoplay' will cause the highest scoring word to be played after clicking 'Find Words'. 'Autofill' causes the rack to be fill with a random selection of letters after playing a word.

Dictionary Feature

Type any word directly into this box to see if it is a valid. Whenever a valid word is present in the box a green tick mark appears. A red cross appears when the word is not valid.

Word Definitions

Dictionary definitions for words appear whenever you move the mouse over a word on the board or the possible words like. Words definitions are supplied by the amazing Wordnik.com service.

More Help

You can bring this help guide back at anytime by simplying clicking the 'Help' button. More detailed help is available by clicking the 'Advanced Help' link below.